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Author Topic: BT nationwide rolling out G.INP/PhyR and changes to DLM.  (Read 79393 times)


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Re: BT nationwide rolling out G.INP/PhyR and changes to DLM.
« Reply #165 on: April 01, 2015, 08:23:33 AM »

Yeah, this might be due to the mismatching chipset.

as a bcm device is a bcm to bcm connection.

Advanced tech on xDSL seems to always get problematic when chipset's mix, so makes me a bit concerned about those of us on ECI cabs using BCM modems, will we hit similar issues.

BCM's have always seemed to perform much better on my line, and Im on an ECI cab.   Even when with Be* on an Alcatel ISAM, BCMs worked best.   

on basic sync speed i agree, but we are not using things like SRA and g.inp currently.

on ukonline I remember SRA only worked with conexant chipsets. The dslams were conexant.
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