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Author Topic: BT IP Profiles System  (Read 1477 times)


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BT IP Profiles System
« on: September 03, 2011, 04:11:49 PM »

I cannot understand why is BT are still using their stupid ip profiles on their system at the exchanges as it was very misleading indeed. BT should leave both downstream and upstream uncapped without any ip profiles on their system and let the exchanges ran to the fastest speed to the property line & the router will get the highest speed of the fastest sync connection. With BT IP Profiles system, it will lose over 1 Meg, and fed up of waiting for five days before the profile will rise again but why is the profile drop instant and five days to climb up, very misleading again. Also BT Profile might not match ISP's profile on their system and had to wait a further another 24 hours before it pick it up, sometimes, it doesn't and had to ask ISP's to use manual profile to match with BT end as it rather annoying and what worse, most ISP's often ingorned it and can't be bothered to use it on manual setting and the customers might not know anything of two profiles on BT end and ISP's end.

I had test my router and without routerstats software, BT put me ip profile of just 11000K with rubbish sync at 12877K with SNR at 9.3db. I had to use routerstats software to target SNR down from 9.3db to 3.3db and reboot router itself to the exchange and suddenly getting the fastest sync at 18248K with 3.1db SNR and I been waiting for 5 days before the IP Profile change to 16000K from 11000K, but if I switched off the router and switched it back on, then the router went back to BT default at 12877K at 9.3db SNR. My line can handle the fastest speed of 16 Meg but why silly BT think my line only do 11 Meg. That's was 5 Meg extra gone to bin and a waste of whole 5 Meg speed for nothing.

BT should let the router connected to the highest speed with 3.0db noise margin on ADSL2+ (not profile capped and 9.0db SNR - the highest SNR will get lower sync speed)

No wonder all UK hate BT indeed. And switch to LLU (uncapped and no profile) and Virgin Media (Cable) for maximum speed.

I can see BT IP Profiles from every sync from 9088K to 23840K (will lose a waste of 1 Meg)
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