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Author Topic: New Page - ISP price list and caps.  (Read 2354 times)


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New Page - ISP price list and caps.
« on: October 06, 2007, 11:45:30 PM »

ISP product prices and caps.

This page lists the prices of over 125 products from 25 major ISPs together with details of any caps/FUPs.
New information also includes length of contract, cost of set up, free migration?, free modem?, and a few more bits of info.

I know Ive always maintained a flat price list and caps page, but this is stage 2 of a much larger project.
It may not look that much, but for someone who only started dabbling with php and sql not that long ago, this did actually take quite a lot of planning , research and backend work, so that it will fit in with future expansion of the larger project.

For the time being Im afraid the existing ISP caps page will look a bit messy and out of date until I can converve a lot of information.

Please do not PM me with queries for broadband help as I may not be able to respond.
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