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Author Topic: DVT-B USB Dongle  (Read 3351 times)


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DVT-B USB Dongle
« on: March 22, 2011, 01:24:46 AM »

I have been struggling to install one of these things on my T42 Thinkpad I use on my boat and I'm tearing my hair out. Can one of the resident experts suggest some steps to try?
In summary, the dongle comes with an install CD with drivers and software to scan for tv progs and view them called TiVme. The dongle is by Kworld.
The installation proceeds normally and after a reboot I have an icon I can click to run TiVme. Unfortunately before very much can happen the dreaded tell Microsoft box pops up blaming TVpanel.exe for the failure.
The dongle and cd install fine on my desktop but the prog fails everytime on the Thinkpad even after repeated Revo Uninstaller runs. So far Googling hasn't helped either. Anyone any ideas, please? I don't even know what Tvpanel.exe does.