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Author Topic: BT 21CN Overnight outage.  (Read 2706 times)


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BT 21CN Overnight outage.
« on: November 11, 2010, 02:41:16 PM »


Below is an edited version of a new Plusnet e-mail.
It would be nice to know which parts of the network are likely to be affected by work at the Faraday interconnect site, but I suspect that would be asking too much.

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Service: ADSL Dial
Posted: Thu, Nov 11 2010 at 13:46:57
Subject: Planned 21CN BT Network Maintenance - Thursday 11th November 11.00pm-Friday 12th November 6.00am

When's this work happening? Tonight and early tomorrow morning, 12th November.

What does it affect? Broadband connectivity

How long will it take? About six hours.

What does the work involve?
Our suppliers are carrying out maintenance at one of their interconnect sites (Faraday). The work is being carried out to increase capacity and resilience and allow for more edge routers to be connected to the network.

There will be a complete service outage affecting parts of BT's 21CN broadband network that will last up to six hours. During this time customers affected by the work are likely to experience connectivity problems, data transfer issues and BT Wholesale branded landing pages when trying to access the Internet.