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Author Topic: Difference between pppoe and pppoa  (Read 2562 times)


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Difference between pppoe and pppoa
« on: November 02, 2010, 05:01:55 PM »


I wonder which would be the best setting for adsl connections. Ive seen here on forum that since pppoe is emulated, the performance decreases. Well, what i didnt see was numbers xD. This "performance" would be download speed or latency? ive seen in a brazilian adsl site that the difference would be of 2%. Well, I want to change it and try it out but i have this little concern: who will make my adsl connection is the modem so,

       ^                   ^
   Ethernet          ATM

If I use PPPoA to connect, since the connection between my pc and modem is ethernet, will it reduce the performance to the pppoe setting?

And to change from PPPoE to PPPoA, usually the ISP can do it by changing some setting on the PC or they have to send someone to change something on DSLAM?

In case my ISP say that they not support pppoa, Do all dslams support pppoa and pppoe is an alternative setting, right? or Ill have to accept they excuse to do not change?

kitz could add that info to the her site.

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Re: Difference between pppoe and pppoa
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2010, 05:52:44 PM »

I cant speak for Brazilian networks, but here in the UK its the BTw part of the network which uses PPPoA.
Other countries such as the US may use PPPoE.

In the UK we can actually change the settings in our routers to PPPoE, but this actually makes it PPPoEoA.  The decrease would in theory be expected to be seen in a reduction of speed,  as data packets would carry additional overheads, meaning less useful data transmitted.

>> ce the connection between my pc and modem is ethernet,

The connection between the PC + router will be 10/100 or Gb ethernet, capable of much higher speeds than over any part of the adsl network... and therefore makes any performance loss for that part of the routing negligible,  when compared to the overall transmission path.
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