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Author Topic: RJ45 to BT431A Adapter + Wiring  (Read 7407 times)


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RJ45 to BT431A Adapter + Wiring
« on: October 26, 2010, 08:33:55 PM »

Hey everyone, :)

I have recently put up RJ45 wall sockets in most of the rooms of my house, which are terminated at my 24 port patch panel.
During the wiring stages, I planned on having everything so I could use the same cat5 cable runs for the telephone as well.

Right now, I am running a cable from my BT NTE Master Socket's face plate to an 8 port patch panel in my rack which will be used purely for telephone.

My plan is to have it so I can just stick in a small patch cable from the 8 port patch panel, to the 24 port panel for wall sockets I would like to use as a telephone socket.
For this purpose, I bought a few RJ45 to BT431A Adapters (secondary ones, not master) so I could connect my normal phones to the wall socket.

I have wired up the 8 port patch panel as specified on the back of the panel (ie orange wire to the orange pin, orange-white wire to orange-white pin, etc etc), although I used a single cat5 cable, extended across all 8 ports.

Having done so, my problem now is that I'm confused how to wire the face plate at my master socket.
Which colour wires will I need to wire into the faceplate?

From what I know, only pin 2 and 5 of the face plate are needed, but from popping open one of the RJ45 to BT431A adapters, it seems pin 2 and pin 5 means I will have to use the Green and Blue wires.... but this would defeat one of the main advantages of using cat5! Cancelling out EMI!

Does this mean I have to re-wire the 8 port patch panel again using my own wiring scheme rather than the one on the back of the patch panel, or is there another way to do this so I am able to use a single set of twisted pair wires?


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Re: RJ45 to BT431A Adapter + Wiring
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2010, 11:31:37 PM »

Hi mhamzahkhan and welcome,

You may find these links useful if you wish to follow one of the two UK "standards".

Kind regards,