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Author Topic: Confused by QoS D-Link 2640B 4.01E  (Read 4106 times)


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Confused by QoS D-Link 2640B 4.01E
« on: August 28, 2010, 01:32:05 PM »

Ok, I've been trying to prioritise my Playstation 3 so that I can Play Uncharted 2 with the best connection I can on my side. Previously from reading an XBOX live website, they said all you have to do is give device a static IP, and use the PVC 9 (high).

I was not convinced this was working so now I have done the following:
Specify device connection method (wireless)
Specify Network IP address ( &
Specify traffic type (TCP/UDP)
Specify QoS type (EF)(low latency, low drop, high priority)
Specify single port or range (3658) or (10070:10080)
Specify device MAC

My thinking is the PS3 uses upnp, when it uses port 3658 UDP for example the qos should make everything else wait for port 3658 UDP to the Wireless connection, and the MAC using EF method.

Is how I've done this correct?

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