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Author Topic: Tesco Broadband, third-party router settings  (Read 4974 times)


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Tesco Broadband, third-party router settings
« on: July 06, 2010, 04:41:17 PM »

I was helping an old lady (or more precisely her son, who stays with her regularly) set up a wireless router the other day.
It was on Tesco's broadband, and he'd bought a DG834G (v5) to replace her little speedtouch single-port wired router to make using his laptop easier. All the relevant logons/passwords were documented.

Expecting a few minutes of simple work, but that isn't what happened.
The Netgear wizard did it's usual thing and apparently identified the settings, but didn't work properly.
Neither did the Speedtouch when reinstated, but going back to the Netgear it DID eventually fire up, without further changes!

It's now working stably, but looking at the settings I'm not sure they're right.
The Speedtouch seems to have Tesco-customised firmware and I couldn't actually find all the current settings, which is odd.
The Netgear is currently set to VPI/VCI 0/38 as you'd expect, but also LLC and PPPoE.
I would have thought PPPoA and VC would be more normal?

Also I'm not sure what MTU value is best.

Searching around online, and in Tesco's own help I've not found anything definitive either.

Does anyone know a reference to a definitive set of third-party router settings for Tesco Broadband?