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Author Topic: Fault finding observations  (Read 1788 times)


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Fault finding observations
« on: July 06, 2010, 12:14:47 PM »


The following links show the data provided by a 2Wire and a Thompson on the same line together with pictures from JDSU's test equipment.
The BT engineer did say he had only had the unit for two weeks which became evident when he forgot to use a RJ11 lead to make the unit synchronise, after testing the phone line performance on pins 2 & 5.
It's interesting to note that the JDSU seems to be "slugged" to sync at lower speeds which perhaps allows BT to claim they have a working circuit but which might hide higher speed performance problems.
Does anyone know whether there are different broadband sync test scenarios available on the JDSU ?

2 Wire

TG 784

JDSU Page 1

JDSU Page 2

Another observation I noted here is that using the 17070 Option 1 ringback test, if the phone is left off-hook after the ringback test completed messages are announced, the line stays connected but with audible noise before the off-hook warbler is started. It seems prudent to check ring back using a normal incoming call as well.

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