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Author Topic: Sky usage limits - a warning  (Read 1802 times)


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Sky usage limits - a warning
« on: May 04, 2010, 12:29:14 PM »

Hi all,

In the process of trying to improve my connection, I had cause to look up the usage tool on Sky's website a couple of times.  Sky's usage policy says:

The first time you go over your Usage Cap we will send you an email alert to your preferred email address you have given us for this purpose (or alternatively your primary broadband email address if you have not given us an alternative). This alert will let you know what will happen if you go over your Usage Cap again.

If in any subsequent month, we see you are approaching your Usage Cap, we will send you another email to let you know that you have reached 70% of your Usage Cap.

In April when I checked it, we were on the Everyday package and had no notifications at all.  When I looked at it yesterday we have been 'upgraded' to the Unlimited package for going over the limit twice in 6 months. The only notification email was the one telling us we'd been switched.

Phoned Sky today and they confirmed that no warning emails have been sent out to us.

Doesn't make much difference to us as we were going to be switched to Unlimited anyway but I would recommend anyone still on a limited package to watch out for this.