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Can I remind forum members to make sure that you don't publish copyright material here without the owner's permission. Such breaches would include:-

- Copies of articles on other sites
- Copies of images on other sites
- Hotlinks* to images on other sites

I'm not a lawyer, but my understanding is that it's acceptable to copy a short extract from a published article together with a link to the original.

Links to your own images on file sharing sites, or direct copies of those images, are of course acceptable.

Links to images on sites which give specific permission to use those images (e.g. glitter-graphics) are acceptable.

If in doubt, please don't use material from other sites without specific permission. Thank you.

* 'Hotlinks' are direct links to specific components on a web page. For example, a picture on a web page will normally have its own address, which the web page refers to in order to display it. It's possible for another site, such as this forum, to link to that picture so that it's displayed here. If you don't have permission to use the picture in this way, doing this is referred to as 'bandwidth theft', and is not permitted.

Edited to clarify terms

I fully understand what you are saying and why it's being said, but.

How do I stand with either linking other sites to our tutorial for example, as this could be interpreted as bandwidth theft,
Although the idea behind it is "hopefully" to get other people interested in this site.

There's in general no problem publishing links to web pages (e.g. the tutorials you refer to) from one site to another. Bandwidth theft comes in when hotlinking to specific elements on a site, such as an image, because that's making use of one site's bandwidth to display material on another site.

As you say, linking other sites to this one can create interest in the site and is welcomed.

That's what I thought.

But asked the question just in case other people also wondered about it. :fingers:


Yes indeed, appreciated.


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