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Author Topic: O2 Wireless Box III bridged to Netgear 834G  (Read 3658 times)


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O2 Wireless Box III bridged to Netgear 834G
« on: January 25, 2010, 09:34:57 PM »

Hoping there might be an O2 technical genius who can help :)

Current setup - on O2 premium
Netgear DG834G, with a very high gain antenna, linking to 3 x WG602 APs. Enables seamless transparent wireless roaming the property. Drawbacks - the router syncs at 18mb/1.1mb, but only achieves 450-550kbs throughput. Running DGTeam firmware.

Replacing with the O2 box improves sync speeds to 20mb/3mb, throughout to 1700kbs. However. The dual antenna system is incompatible with the antenna, consequently wireless coverage is actually worse. Also, it doesn't provide the same wireless interoperation with the APs.

Solution: Configure the O2 box in bridge mode, and stick it between the dsl line and the 834. The problem is, "how?"

I've got some templates from the Be user group, there are some config items I can see would need changing (such as refs to Be) but there are probably others which I am unaware of (esp IP addresses).

So, has anyone fronted a.n.other router with an O2 WBIII box in bridge mode?

Push comes to shove, it might be a case of replacing the 834 with a Netgear that is truly ADSL2 capable, but that incurs expense when we already have an adsl2 box...