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Author Topic: Access to the DGTeam forum  (Read 4747 times)


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Access to the DGTeam forum
« on: January 17, 2010, 04:00:21 PM »

This has already been discussed to death, but I've decided to put a simple statement here for clarity.

(For those who don't know what this is about, DGTeam produce unofficial firmware for Netgear routers, with many more features than the official firmware.)

As a result of a lot of problems with spammers and other undesirables, membership of the DGTeam forum has been made invitation-only. Any established member of that forum can supply an invitation code to enable new members to register. A maximum of 5 such invitations is allocated to each member, and invitations are expected to be given only to people who the inviter knows and can vouch for.

After discussions between Kitz and Stev-O of DGTeam, these rules were slightly relaxed for members of this forum, and Kitz and I have unlimited invites at our disposal. However we are not prepared to abuse this capability by handing out invites to anybody who turns up and asks. We are happy to supply invites to participating members of the forum, because we can see that such members are genuine.

If you are a participating member of this forum and you want to join the DGTeam forum, please send me a PM and I will supply the invite straight away.

[Edit - entry to the DGTeam forum is no longer restricted, so the above doesn't apply any longer.]
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