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Author Topic: Sign the BT Fibre Optic Petition!  (Read 3377 times)


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Sign the BT Fibre Optic Petition!
« on: July 16, 2007, 11:35:22 PM »

Us over at DSL ZONE have set up a petition which is already pulling in a good stream of names after only hours online. It is about the following:

BT are constantly on about their network upgrades and capacity upgrades which will make the internet faster for eveyone (so they say).

The real part of their network is known as the 'Local Loop' and is what connects all you internet users to your local exchange which is run and maintained by BT (Openreach).

The purpose of this thread is to see how many people believe that BT really need to upgrade the parts of their network which have a direct effect on the consumers.

This being the 20+ year old Local Loop which is most commonly made of old degrading copper.

Who thinks that BT need to please the consumer whilst also future-proofing their network and business by upgrading the local loop to high bandwidth optical fibre cable? Even if its only to the street cabinets.



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Re: Sign the BT Fibre Optic Petition!
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2007, 08:50:47 AM »


I do however sympathise with BTw on this one though since the expense (not for the equipment but for installation and digging up roads etc) could prove costly.
BT are about the only ones who do try and bring adsl to _all_ the community, whilst the LLU providers "cherry pick".  I cant help but wonder what the situation would be if BT were to spend millions bring FTTC, then OFCOM rules that BT have to open them up for other telecom operators to pick and choose from the profitable lines only.  Leaving BT to foot the bill for all the rest/less profitable and long lines.

I believe in some countries (Australia ?) ISPs can "offer" to put their kit in the local cabs, but that also has a downside in that many users on a particular estate find themselves with a choice of 1 when it comes to ISPs. :/
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