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Author Topic: Be Value - 7.50 pm  (Read 3101 times)


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Be Value - 7.50 pm
« on: January 09, 2010, 05:52:12 AM »

BE Broadband have slashed the price of their Value Product making it the cheapest adsl2+ product in the  UK.
Download Speeds are up to 8Mbps with 1.3Mbps upload speed.  The product comes with a 40GB cap, but this should be more than sufficient for most users.

It should be noted that Be is an LLU provider only and therefore this product is not available at all exchanges.   
You can check if  Be has a presence in your area by putting your details in the broadband checker.

BE Value now 7.50 a month with no traffic shaping, 40GB of download and speeds of up to 8Mb

BE Broadband, the UK's first ISP provider of ADSL2+ technology with real world speeds of up to 24 meg download, has become the only UK provider to offer a sub-8 broadband service with no traffic shaping. The provider has responded to customer feedback to introduce its first limited service as a quality alternative to the services currently available to demanding customers.

Following popular demand for its half-price offer in 2009, BE has responded with a permanent refresh of the BE Value product. The price has been reduced to 7.50 from 13.50, with the introduction of a 40GB usage allowance rather than an unlimited service. This allows the provider to continue to offer no traffic shaping on its products and treat all traffic equally, unlike most ISPs who slow certain activities for individual customers or at peak times.

To develop the service, BE consulted with members over 6 months in online discussion forums and in face-to-face meetups across the country. BE members overwhelmingly favoured a limited service instead of a traffic managed service (where the ISP limits certain users traffic or certain types of download).

Tom Williams, Head of Operations at BE, said "The trends we're seeing are for no traffic management allowing more freedom and of course lower prices. Our members demand the freedom to prioritise and think for themselves, not have their broadband provider do it for them. We believe there a lot of customers that will leap at the chance to get a service that doesn't slow down based on the content of their downloads but don't use the internet enough to justify an unlimited product."

Customers will be free to download 40GB each month without any traffic shaping applied. BE plans to contact members if they use more than the allowance by email and post. It is explained during registration for the service that customers who consistently need more than the 40GB will be upgraded to an unlimited service.




Topline Messaging:
Most ISPs do traffic shaping because they 'rent' a portion of someone else's broadband network and that portion is at capacity or they have not invested enough in their own capacity As BE owns their broadband network, we can control our capacity more freely and so do not need to traffic shape. Instead, by fixing the amount of data means that we can launch a limited product that doesn't need traffic shaping.

Why have you reintroduced BE Value with a 40GB usage limit?
Some people are for looking a high quality broadband experience, but don't want to pay the cost for one of our premium products or who don't use the internet enough to justify an unlimited product. They buy into the BE philosophy of not having traffic shaping and like the idea of being a part of a small company. They appreciate good quality service even if the data usage is limited.

Are you introducing traffic monitoring hardware into the BE network?
Yes, we are investing in a system that will allow us to accurately track data consumption by members. However we will not be interfering with that traffic or your usage in any way.

How are you going to monitor when people hit the 40GB limit?
We will be adding hardware in 2010 to show customers how much data they are using. Until then, we won't enforce any automatic upgrades and we'll contact customers to let them know before it begins.

Why have you launched the product before the hardware is in place?
We wanted to launch the product early because the demand is there rather than wait until all of the hardware is in place. It's part Be's culture to react quickly to our members and the market demand. By taking this approach, we're also launching line bonding and a whole set of future products later in the year.

Will this impact existing customers on BE Value?
We want to reassure existing customers on BE Value, and also our Unlimited and Pro packages, that their service won't be affected as it's a separate product.

Is this traffic shaping?
No. BE is not traffic shaping on any of their products. The 40GB limit only applies to data usage, not what you use the internet for.

Is this the first step to traffic shaping?
No. BE is not taking steps to managing its traffic. Rather, this is a way to continue to maintain a premium service for members, but also cater for new BE members who want a value product without traffic shaping.

Please do not PM me with queries for broadband help as I may not be able to respond.
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Re: Be Value - 7.50 pm
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2010, 10:22:51 PM »

I got this when it was 6.75 a month for 12 months, at the end of last year. Since the new year, they put the price up pound on the offer to 7.50! I am only paying 6.90 though, due to the VAT change! Not bad is it...  ;D