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When posting:-

[*]Please be considerate to other members.
[*]Please don't use rude or offensive language.[/list]
Please also note the following:-

[*]Links to offensive sites will be removed.
[*]Defamatory remarks will not be tolerated.
[*]Spam posts and trolling will be removed and may result in a permanent ban.
[*]Advertising is not allowed without prior agreement of the Administrators.
[*]No links to pirate, illegal torrent or similar type sites which breach the DCMA for copyrighted material.

Avatars and Signature limitations.

This is a family friendly forum where minors are welcome to visit. Any avs or sigs that are considered offensive will be removed.

To keep the forums as smooth running as possible there are size restrictions in place on avatars and signatures.
Large avs and signature images/files are known to increase load on the Server, and SMF forum reports that CPU load can go from 1-4 to 10-30 just through unchecked signature files alone.  Anything over 4 isn't good and all users will experience slow downs.


Can be jpgs, gifs or pngs.
You can either link externally or upload to the forum
Maximum pixel size is 80x80
Whilst at present I haven't set a maximum file size, as a guideline 25 kb should be sufficient for most avs.


Maximum of 255 characters is permitted.
Whilst I currently allow the use of graphics in images, please keep the file sizes small to facilitate smooth running of the forums and keep page load times to a minimum.
Maximum image size is 450x60 and should be jpg, gifs or pngs.
Please do not use text sizes larger than the normal post size.


Please be aware that we have members/readers who suffer from photo-sensitivity for whom flashing/moving animations can cause a problem.
I don't want to turn off avs/sigs for all, but the forum fully acknowledges that these can be a problem for some users, (as well as it being a distraction from the forum content) and therefore requests that you be considerate when using them.
The moderation team therefore reserves the right to remove any animations that may cause difficulties for some of our users.

Finally remember that your av and signature is displayed each time you post and images could be called several times on the same page, so please be considerate to others when using flashy animations etc.


I reserve the right to review these limitations and set firm restrictions if it should cause any problems or slow downs on the site.

Thanks :)

It has come to the attention of site staff that persons may be abusing this forum's facilities for their own aims.
In view of the amount of comments and concerns  that have been brought to the attention of the moderating team over the past few weeks, it is with regret that we have to issue this warning, which should in the most part be common sense.

Usage of this forum.

This forum is intended for users to ask more information or get assistance with any adsl problems that they may have.  The aim of the site is to impart knowledge to the general public in order to aid resolution.

Although none of us falsely claim to be experts, there are many knowledgeable people who do frequent this forum.
Members of this forum donate their time and advice freely, please remember this and do not abuse the time that anyone may put into answering your questions. 


Site Staff - Responsible for site maintenance, content, upkeep and general running of the site.


Site Staff - Responsible for the smooth running of the forum.  The site does not tolerate bad language, abuse to other members, nor the spamming of links. Full rules can be seen here. Any content deemed unsuitable will be removed.

ISP Staff

A number of ISP reps do frequent this forum. If they are trying to assist you, they may need certain details of your account. ISP reps are clearly tagged with a silver ISP Staff "badge" and have been confirmed as 100% genuine. The ISP rep status should also identify which ISP he/she works for. It is safe to pass any details to these reps that you would be happy to give to your ISP's support desk.


May either have a background in adsl, or knowledge in a particular area relating to broadband.

Helpful Kitizen

Member of the forum with a background in helping users on a particular topic or a history of helping to resolve adsl issues and giving useful advice.. (more info)

We advise that you do NOT pass on any identifying information such as phone numbers/details of your ISP account or other personal information to anyone other than site staff or ISP reps that have offered to help you.

If you do receive offers of help from non-'official' forum members, we advise you to question what position they are in and how exactly they propose to help you with your problem.
If you feel at all uncomfortable about any messages you receive, you should ignore the sender and contact one of the site Admins or Moderators with details of the PM.


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