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Author Topic: Line stats errors and ratios  (Read 1632 times)


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Line stats errors and ratios
« on: October 26, 2009, 01:02:46 PM »

I'm (re-)reading the excellent kitz linestats and errors article - - and would like to check my understanding?

It's difficult to translate the terms used by router mfrs from one system to another. My questions :

(1) HEC errors are those errors that could not be corrected, correct? (sanity check, brain wearing out)

(2) What should we use as the denominator if we try to make up meaningful ratios from these numbers to get error rates at various levels?

Is the right thing to do to take (rx_HEC_errors/(rx_good_cell_count + rx_idle_cell_count) ?

-- Example (from a Netgear DG834v3)
[ATM Stats]
        Good Cell Cnt:  256938
        Idle Cell Cnt:  19167464

        Tx Packets Dropped Count:       0
        Tx Bad Packets Count:   0

        Good Cell Cnt:  1176482
        Idle Cell Cnt:  126694926
        Bad Hec Cell Cnt:       5854
        Overflow Dropped Cell Cnt:      0
        Rx Packets Dropped Count:       0
        Rx Bad Packets Count:   0

[SAR AAL5 Stats]
        Tx PDU's:       48166
        Rx PDU's:       61812
        Tx Total Bytes: 10133471
        Rx Total Bytes: 54484619
        Tx Total Error Counts:  0
        Rx Total Error Counts:  49