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Author Topic: PeerGuardian2 updated to PeerBlock & also solves Windows slow shut-down problem  (Read 3152 times)


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  • If it ain't broke....... I'll soon fix it.

PeerGuardian2 has now been replaced with PeerBlock 1.0 (stable)
With virtually the same GUI. (spot the difference if you can)

There only seems to be one problem, that is with "Run at Windows startup" there still seems to be a problem with that, but is being worked on.

So, if anyone decides to upgrade to the newer version, when installing do not tick the option to run at windows startup, this can still be configured at a later date.

1. Do not un-install PeerGuardian2 at this stage.
2. Download and install PeerBlock
3. During setup, Select the option to use PeerGuardian2 current settings.
4. During setup, Do not set the option to start with Windows.
5. After the first time of running the new PeerBlock, close it, then un-install Peerguardian2.

PC 1. The only problem I encountered was the first time I selected option (4) to start with windows which then gave me a error message, but after a re-boot and opening PeerBlock, which then automatically scanned for updates and solved the problem.

PC 2. Option (4) was not selected and opened first time without any problems.

One other MAJOR benefit is that both of these PC's no-longer suffer with slow shut-down problems, as mentioned in another thread as possibly being the cause. (Now positively confirmed, for me at least)