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Copyright theft & plagiarism

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In view of the recent spate of plagiarism of the main site content.  I am setting up this thread as a "name and shame" for those companies who rip off other peoples hard work.

Many of the sites involved are commercial and therefore financially gain from their content.

Every page on carries a copyright and is clearly marked
"Copyright Kitz 2003- 2009. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited"

Some of the recent issues have been resolved, but this thread is here as a warning to those companies who feel is ok to copy content without accrediting the correct source.  Once caught they simply say 'sorry' remove content and think that is the end of the matter.

Some of the excuses have been a bit thin to say the least.. but a warning to copy right thefts I will take action if you steal content.

Ive spent the past few days chasing things and legal stuff.. and thats time I could well have put to better use elsewhere.

So here we go..........

McComms IT Solutions (SA)

Copy of Connection Problems
and Installation of ADSL filters


Ultimate PC repairs

Copy of How to get your linestats



Copy of ADSL Troubleshooting
and Installation of ADSL filters


...  although according to one of out eagle eyed forum members..  
the "it will not happen again", may well be happening sooner than they think.. because its not just this site that they have plagiarised

Update to original discussion here

No reply from CEO James Ormerod at Vispa.

Notice of breach of copyright issued 28th September 2009


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