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Author Topic: MSN hack/phishing scam - warning.  (Read 2175 times)


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MSN hack/phishing scam - warning.
« on: September 19, 2009, 01:49:42 AM »

Phishing Scam -

I received this in my email tonight from an old friend.

Greetings! invited you to check who has deleted or blocked you from their contact list on MSN Messenger.

It's Easy, Secure and Free!

Try it Now, Click Here

It may all look ok with it coming from a friend.. and it may be tempting to check who has blocked you..  but I'd be very very cautious.
I cant find any information on this site as yet...  but be aware

1)  You have to enter your msn/hotmail address and your password into a remote site.
     They could well be logging these to take over your account.

2)  Despite saying secure site.. and asking you to accept the terms
     I dont see any evidence of it being secure... nor is there any T&C's that you can view.

3)  A whois check on the site shows it registered to Beijing...  which is where many hack & spam attempts originate.

I strongly suspect my friend has been tempted to click on the link, entered his login details and has now lost his account.
If that is the case then his contact list and email will be in the hands of someone else, which is how they now have my details to see if I fall for it too.
If you have any emails in your in box with other login details (or financial details) you will probably loose those too :'(

Due to the fact that there doesnt seem to be anything else out there yet about this..
I'm putting this up as a general warning about

Please do not PM me with queries for broadband help as I may not be able to respond.
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Re: MSN hack/phishing scam - warning.
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2009, 07:23:36 AM »

Thanks for that warning. Nasty! :'(