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Author Topic: How to Initialise and Format a new HDD  (Read 9542 times)


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How to Initialise and Format a new HDD
« on: September 18, 2009, 08:12:01 PM »

How to Initialise and Format a new HDD

First of all "Make sure you select the correct drive"

Right Click "My Computer" and choose "Manage" followed by "Disk Management"

If it says "Unallocated" or is blank, then you first have to "Initialise" the drive:-
1. To the left of the diskspace (Marked in red on picture below) "Right Click" on the disc number then select "Initialise".

Example of a formatted partition:

2. You will then you need to"Format" the drive by, "Right click" on the drive space to the right and select, "Create Partition"
3. You can now chose the size of the partition/s (or just chose the default setting to select the whole drive as one partition)

** Depending on the size of the HDD the format process can take anything from minutes to several hours.
(The last time I formatted a 500GB HDD it took around 3 hours)

** text added at end.
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