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Author Topic: DOS Registry Viewer for Windows  (Read 4251 times)


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DOS Registry Viewer for Windows
« on: May 30, 2007, 09:49:30 AM »

I came across this app when attempting to retrieve the CD licence key from a Windows ME PC. The Windows installation was inoperable, and wouldn't even boot in safe mode which is where I wanted to be so that I could launch regedit to get the key or use a product key finder.

Since I couldn't do this, I simply searched for a DOS registry viewer, which is what this program is.

It is a DOS GUI type program which worked great and didn't come bundled with any nasties as far as I am aware of.

Very useful if you have, or ever fix PCs and need the CD key or otherwise nose around the registry files.

Apparently it does work on Windows 2000 and XP as well, but I have only used it on 9x/ME.
With the later you can simply create a basic DOS boot disk and copy the files onto the floppy. Simply launched by typing the command followed by the location of the registry file to view. e.g. regview.exe c:\windows\system.dat