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Author Topic: Canon launch a new DSLR the 500D  (Read 5795 times)


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Canon launch a new DSLR the 500D
« on: March 27, 2009, 05:18:42 PM »

Canon have launched the 500D.

A replacement for the 450D? Dunno, can`t see it being as successful or tempting to 450D owners to upgrade at its launch price.

A few reviews.

Prices..Just used Jessops for an easy list.

My comments.

Very nice specs, very similar to the Canon 50D, it has HD Video which the 50D doesn`t have.

Its more expensive than the 50D & the body isn`t as good.

I purchased a 50D last week & do I regret it now....absolutely not.

Would I be tempted by the 500D, NO!!

The price is too much, I found the 450D to small in the hand (which has the same body/build as the 500D) & the 50D does have some additional features that the 500D lacks.

Its pitched itself against the 50D & the Nikon D90, I believe it`ll struggle to sell at the price its launched at, for sure it`ll come down...but when & by how much?

As an upgrade for a Canon 450D it hasn`t a hope in hell at the moment.

If it was 500 cheaper with a 18-200 lens, my comments might be different...but I would still go for the 50D.