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Author Topic: Comtrend Powerline Adaptor  (Read 4383 times)


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Comtrend Powerline Adaptor
« on: January 02, 2009, 01:15:42 PM »

Hi guys, received this today, i didn't order it my brother/dad did, i've never heard of it before, and thought 40 for 2 adaptors, blimey that's alot lol

Anyways, how do i set these things up?! Not a clue what they do, do they improve connection or what?!

So i only have two adaptors and another Ethernet they supplied. From what i can see, i need to use two on this PC alone? I plug one in the mains to take in the ethernet cable from the router to mains then plug the other one in to plug the Ethernet INTO the computer?! Is this right, doesn't seem right but it's what the diagram shows, completly confused by this! If i plug the router cable directly into one of these, what does the computer receive since that needs the Ethernet in it as well surely?!


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Re: Comtrend Powerline Adaptor
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2009, 03:15:38 PM »

No that's not right.

The idea of the adaptor is to be able to setup a network without having to use any additional cables other than the ethernet cables plugged into the adaptors (think of it as a sort of wireless setup).
Or where the PC is not in the same room as the modem.
Information is then passed along through the household electric supply from one room to another.

One plugs into a socket near your existing PC, "the sender" and the other one "the receiver" would plug into a socket in another room.

Your existing configuration would stay as it is, but yes, it sounds as if you will need an additional cable other than the one supplied to connect from one of the extra sockets on your router to the sender, then one from the receiver to the the second PC.

"Although no experience of using or seeing a diagram of one of these setup's, I'm pretty sure that is the way it would be set up"
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Re: Comtrend Powerline Adaptor
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2009, 03:33:50 PM »

OF has it pretty much correct.

The units are in fact transceivers, ie they transmit & recieve.

You plug one unit into the mains near to your modem/router & connect it up with a patch lead.

You plug additional units into the mains near to your PC/s & connect with a patch lead.

Simply run the software as per the instructions & it should simply work.

I`ve got a couple of units working at home & they are just great.

I`ve given up on wireless, it caused me so much grief at times, but these babies are the dogs whatsits, they work & work 100% of the time.

Its worth setting up the security stuff, just in case your neighbours can log on, doubtful, but possible.