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Author Topic: BBC play: Mandrake  (Read 1761 times)


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BBC play: Mandrake
« on: October 22, 2008, 06:02:05 PM »

This was very good, not on I player yet but avalable on listen again for the next 7 days.

May I suggest you listen to this with an apple to hand and maby a cat nearby in subdued lighting  ;)

info: Wednesday


Written and directed by Anita Sullivan

Old Irene threatens her neighbour with a scythe when he suggests cutting down an adjoining tree. Ruth, a social worker, is called in to assess Irene’s mental health. But as she gets to know Irene, she is drawn into a strange and magical tale that will change her life for ever.

Irene ...... Sara Kestelman
Ruth ...... Martina Laird
Poppy ...... Kate Aspinall
Aiden ...... Hugh Ross
Nick ...... Nicholas Boulton

Music devised and performed by Sara Harrison. Producer Karen Rose.