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Author Topic: 517 new FTTP locations announced by Openreach  (Read 2635 times)


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Re: 517 new FTTP locations announced by Openreach
« Reply #15 on: May 30, 2024, 05:49:16 PM »

>> thinking wow Chrysalis you unlucky dude  <<

Indeed, its puzzling considering both location and population.  None of the alt-nets either?

Situation here so you can draw a picture.

Gigabit available via Virgin Media coax.
FTTP available since early this year via CityFibre and its partners.  (vodafone the only big player, Talktalk decided not to cover the FEX, MSH the author of BIDB told me this is the first FEX in the entire country he is aware off Talktalk dont cover he had to update the checker on BIDB because of it, Zen also dont cover it).
A few random streets looks like student areas, covered by grain FTTP, not many streets though. Very spotty coverage.
Openreach is FTTC.  With no plans for FTTP.

Trying to work out whats going on in Openreach's business mind, the population density is high, streets tightly packed, there is competition offering much higher speeds than they do and on more reliable infrastructure.

However there is also signs something is off with the area, it took an intervention from Patricia Hewitt who was on BT's board at the time whilst also being the local MP to get FTTC rolled out here, Talktalk and Zen situation also indicates something about this area isnt attractive,

On Openreach infrastructure there is 2 exchanges very close to each other in the city, the other one which serves mostly around demontfort university and is actually called demontfort exchange, has Zen LLU and OR FTTP (they rolled this out really fast late last year I think).  The one which is mine, never got Zen LLU even though its so close to the other exchange, and has no OR FTTP plans. According to another site, OR have now announced enough properties to cover their main to 2026 build.  So I expect future announcements to be at trickle pace to reflect the much slower build afterwards, it seems my local area for OR is deemed trash in terms of potential.

Another thing that might be of interest when driving around the local streets and checking AP's, the vast majority are VM, there is little doubt they have the area sewn up, the majority of the rest are Sky.  The likes of BT, Talktalk are practically non existent.  So to me the most likely reason that has any logic to it, is that OR have little customers to lose with most of them on an ISP who isnt enthusiastic about FTTP, so as a result there is little business case.  The area perhaps is a black hole for them.

Thanks for taking notice lol, at least I do have FTTP though, I am on Cityfibre now, and its working and performing well.  Also a friend of mine who is worse off than me, he doesnt even have FTTC coverage was actually included in this last announcement.

Apparently OR are planning something like 99% by 2030, so I assume based on that assuming they dont bail out of it, I will be covered by them by 2030.  But seems odd a inner city area would be that low on the list.

Finally Zen seemed to have plans at some point to cover the area as I remember posting on here when they were nagging me with CF is coming soon emails about 2 or so years back.
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