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Author Topic: FTTP - Is Zen still not great (backhaul) vs someone like Vodafone  (Read 532 times)


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Im moving soon and FTTP is an option. I currently have Zen 80/20 SOGEA so FTTP will be a big step up for my household, but so far Zen have been rock solid for me.

I have been doing research and i can see that Vodafone are the cheapest comparatively (with 3 monthly discount) but long contract and not used their FTTP service and get mixed reviews.

Zen are quite a bit more expensive and i saw some people saying to avoid on > 500 Mbps speed connections, but you get a solid enough router and no price rises.

Then throw Aquiss into the mix, more expensive still, but 12 month deal and no price rises.

I'm not asking for someone to choose for me, but rather are Zen potentially problematic still? Do people suffer from congestion etc with Vodafone? Interested in peoples experiences if possible. Thanks in advance.


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Re: FTTP - Is Zen still not great (backhaul) vs someone like Vodafone
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2024, 08:42:06 PM »

I can only comment on Vodafone.
"broadstairs" has a quite detailed recent saga on FTTP BT/VF migration here, you may have seen this already.,27887.msg469946.html#msg469946
His experience prompted me to migrate my daughters line to VF, only been a few months but so far all good, the migration experience and provision of a new digital LL number was faultless.

I have now signed up for FTTP BB & LL migration to VF later this month, biggest factor for me being cost saving, quite substantial especially where digital LL provision is maintained.
My BB speed requirements are very modest by present day standards so the 200/27 Mbps package suited me.
The VF router is fairly basic but again sufficient for me, VF do permit use of 3rd party routers and will provide login details on request, this even extends to digital phone porting details if a LL is still required.

Can't comment on support, certainly has had bad reviews in the past, no reason to use as yet :fingers:   
Vodafone FTTP 200/28, VF THG3000 Hub