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Forum mail not being received


Regretfully we advise members that once again there seems to be a problem with mail to the following domains being bounced

Unfortunately, this is affecting registration for new members who are not receiving the registration mail to complete the sign up process.
Existing members are not receiving topic subscriptions and personal message notifications.

This is an issue that seems to crop up every so often despite the site being clean and not on any mail blacklists - see MX toolbox.
We are not the only website affected by this and on previous occasions Microsoft admitted it is an error on their part with their so called Smart Filters.  :(

I will temporarily manually authorise any sign-ups who are using an IP address for a known UK ISP allowing them to bypass the registration process.  My web hosts have been advised and will hopefully be able to get the site mitigated asap.   It may also be affecting some other domains, please bear with us until this matter is resolved.  Our apologies for any inconvenience caused..

This should now been resolved.   
Thank you to anyone affected for your patience and understanding

I recommend everyone does a quick manual check to ensure you don't have any Personal Messages or replies to Subsceibed Yopics that didnt get a notification,ich didnt get any mail notifications. I'm not exactly certain what caused the issue this time with it also involving gmail and some personal domains as my hosts didnt say.   All I do know is that we were not on any blacklist and it seemed to mostly affect the usua new sign ups using one of the microsoft mail servers.


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