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Author Topic: DLM behaviour on new FTTC installation (1km line)  (Read 3470 times)


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Re: DLM behaviour on new FTTC installation (1km line)
« Reply #15 on: August 18, 2023, 01:32:35 PM »

A cap on the sync speed for a few days should see retx low return. It won't take anywhere near 2 weeks unless they have changed how the DLM works.

Cheers. I did try it on my Mum's line as a test and it did take a couple of weeks. That is an odd one though as was banded at 35Mbit for a good 2 years, but then after a thunderstorm took her router out it came back up unbanded retx high, so I capped down about 2 weeks ago and got retx low this morning.

Back to my line though, based on the stats, do you think it's just one of those lines where retx high is actually needed? Also, what cap would you recommend, 25Mbit ish?
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