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Author Topic: Simon's Cat -- The Trip, Cat Sitting Pt. 1  (Read 5251 times)


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Re: Simon's Cat -- The Trip, Cat Sitting Pt. 1
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2023, 01:23:02 AM »

Had a bit of a giggle whilst watching that.  Whilst in hospital for 6 wks it was usually my neighbour who looked after &syringed Zigs for me.  But I had to use a cat sitter for a few days whilst they were away too.  I was able to watch the merry dance he led the poor girl a few times   I could see her visibly sweating and turning red after one escapade of running up and down stairs, pulling out sofas and then trying to wrap him in a towel to syringe him.   She was really good with them, but boy did he really play up and make things difficult for her.

btw she did know I had cam view and even changed the angle for better view.  We were hoping him being able to hear my voice would calm him... but nope he actually managed to crawl deep inside the sofa via the recliner mechanism.  He damn well knew and after a coupld of days as soon as he heard the door opening he would make a run for his new found hidey hole.
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