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Author Topic: How to get Openreach to test/repair faulty E-side?  (Read 6837 times)

Black Sheep

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Re: How to get Openreach to test/repair faulty E-side?
« Reply #15 on: March 26, 2023, 03:08:11 PM »


As it currently stands, only the ISP can contact Openreach to raise a fault ticket.
That ticket will be created (generally), on the back of a 'Remote Automated Test' (RAT test) performed by BT's fault reception desk, and the results of that test will dictate which kind of ticket to raise.

If the HR fault is developed enough, the RAT test should 'find' its location very easily (ie: fault is in Exchange, E-side, D-side, premises) and the ticket will be sent to OR requesting the right skilled engineer to attend.
If the HR is in its infancy, then there's every chance the RAT test will fail to find the fault and a home engineering appointment would be the next step.

Couple of things though, you say 'All homes connected to the PCP have the same problem' .... that's quite a bold statement considering the number of premises connected to that PCP, plus OR have a system in play that instantly captures what are classed as 'Common faults' .. ie: faults in a similar location.
If there were so many customers experiencing the same issue, believe me when I say Clive Selley himself would be in attendance, as the 'tails' report that is a mahooosive measure within OR, would be sending alarm bells ringing all over the place !!.

Also, OR have a triage system in play that captures multiple repeat reports from the same customer - please believe me again when I say these kind of things get looked at at a far higher level than if it was a first time report.

If you contact the chairman's office as Burakkucat as mentioned above, the first thing they will do is look at these kind of historic events/common fault queue's. 

Regarding FTTC - no, there isn't a VDSL cabinet feeding your locality. Sorry.  :)



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Re: How to get Openreach to test/repair faulty E-side?
« Reply #16 on: June 15, 2023, 12:16:24 PM »

Thanks for the info and help.

Fair enough about the RAT test but the problem is that they still keep defaulting to coming to the home, even though they've already been, many times over.  Even worse is that after an engineer has swapped the D-side pair and proven that there's an HR fault network side, it still hasn't been flagged to be sorted by OR and I'm left having to start from scratch again.  So the system doesn't seem to be working to me.  They really should have a system of sending engineers to the PCP, if it isn't an EO line, because if it's not good from there, it won't be good from the DP.

There aren't many properties connected to that cab, but there have been a lot of OR engineers to premises connected to it, in recent years.  Most customers don't realise there is a problem with their ADSL as they don't know how to check or test, they just find it "slow" or "it goes down sometimes", so they don't bother to report it.  Many don't even have an active phone line, never mind ADSL.  Unless you can find evidence that connections to that PCP have sync rates/margins/attenuation figures much better than mine, then I'm certain that there is a wider E-side problem.  I'd gladly be proven wrong as I doubt they want to fix it.

Found the FTTC cab last month , hiding behind a hedge!  All the other cabs have the twin on the main verges nearby, viewable from the PCP.  Ours doesn't.  Checkers all say FTTC=YES, OR engineer and BT sales say no.  Database error?

Are we missing something here? Is BT the OP's ISP?

Thanks for the reply.  Yes, BT is indeed the ISP.
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