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Author Topic: more problems please  (Read 2814 times)


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more problems please
« on: December 01, 2006, 04:27:17 PM »

now this is something i do know about , as an avid pc gamer and an owner of a home built pc that cost more than i dare mention (A64 FX60 , NVidia 8800gtx etc etc) im quite the hardware whiz , id even dare to call myself an expert.

Ive recieved alot of help here over the past couple of days so im keen to give some back.

So comon ..... give me something to do , anything hardware or XP related im your man ;) ;)


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Re: more problems please
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2006, 12:21:30 AM »

Ooooh I've got something fun for you then.
I want to build my boyfriend a new PC but keep the costs relatively low while making it a bit of a beast.
I'd like 2 gb of ram if possible because he has got it in his head that he really wants it, I'd like a dual core processor thats quite nippy but cheap cheap cheap and a graphics card that is best for a graphic designer rather than a gamer.

So I'm ok at changing hard drives and bits and bobs but dont know what memory goes with what processor and what memory type to buy.

What kind of bits n bobs should I get do you think. Should I be going for a SATA drive. Can I build it for less than ?400?

Your advic would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: more problems please
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2006, 06:33:41 PM »

before i get too involved do you need a complete system (obviously not a monitor) do you have anything at all case? cd/dvd drive?

if he's a graqphic designer then yes 2 gig is a must but as for graphics card unfortunately the ones designed specifically for graphic design , graphic rendering etc are way outta your price range but its still do able.  ;D

I design and build high end gaming machines so this will be a struggle for me (my ram alone cost ?300) ;) but i think i can meet your budget , however it wont play the latest games and im assuming thats not what its for.

if you want the whole thing monitor etc then your better off at pc world with that budget , but if your just after a pc in a box i can point you in the right direction , incidently why do want dual core , i mean its good , i have it but will he really need it? theres no graphic design programs out there that'll benifit from it so most ;likely one core will idle 99% of the time. Im trying to keep costs down thats all

i know you see pc world offering "dual core" pc's cheap but they really are garbage , why have a 2 gig dual core celoron when you can have a nice 2.4 gig A64.

but its up to you , you'll be paying for it..and assembling it ;)
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