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Configuration of Postfix for relaying


Iíve been trying to configure the Postfix mail program on my Raspberry Pi so that it will accept inbound emails on port 25 and send them on straight to, which is AAís inbound mail server. The reason is that I have several ancient devices that want to send alert or log emails to some address and do not support the modern authentication requirements of better secured inbound mailservers. Also I want to decouple those device from my email accounts with AA so that if do I have to have passwords involved, although Iím really really trying to avoid that at all, then I can use fixed single passwords just to get the devices access to the mail relay.

Iíve been trying to test thePostfix setup with a tool that I have for the purpose in a specialist iPad networking utilities app. I suppose I should also just telnet into the mail relay and give it a load of lines of text using copy-paste. It seems that itís doing a starttls and thatís upsetting the tool that I used as I set the mail test appís parameters to have Ďno encryption requiredí and Ďplainí for authentication although Iíd rather as I said have no password challenge at all.

Could anyone who speaks Postfix tell me what I should be doing in the config file? Iíve gone through it fairly carefully, and Iíve set up the relay to AA, I hope. But at the moment Iím still not happy at the time of client connect into port 25.


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