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Haven't Got A Clue!

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Hi Folks.
Will be using Johns Doc2Disk Ltd services for a domain but I actually haven't got a clue as to what to do or why!
Does any body actually have any walk through video's to help. :help:
As I will be using it for my email, need some guidance for that as well.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Dwight

Many thanks

FIrst you need to decide upon a domain (usually something which has meaning to you be it work, hobby, family etc...)

Once registered (if your not sure, just PM me the domain and we will initiate the purchase so you can pay for the domain)  You can check if domain is available from the billing platform and if it is not, it gives suggestions (may not be relevant to you).  My personal advise is keep the domain as small as possible for ease of other users who will email or view your website.

We would then assign the kitz invoice, which once paid is autosetup ready.

Once setup on the hosting platforms, you can access the ocntrol panel to control all aspects of the domain and hosting, including Email DNS SSL etc...

Setting up email is as simple as creating new email account(s) on the domain and then setting up the email on your mobile devices and/or email clients

Website depends if you want a website and your level of knowledge on website creation.  To help, there is softaculous (one click installer) so you can very simply and quickly install CRM etc.. such as Wordpress as an example in less then 20 seconds

You can ofcourse just use your domain as email and have no website

Many thanks


Hi John,
Thanks, still in a quandary about the domain, but was also unsure how that generates the email address, etal.
Hopefully I will decide soon, both of my ideas weren't short! So will have to have another think.
Wanted the domain for the email, so believe I should tick the search box, so it isn't on the big list. Is that correct?

"Once setup on the hosting platforms, you can access the control panel to control all aspects of the domain and hosting, including Email DNS SSL etc.."
This was the bit I was getting unsure of so once I am sorted I'll let you know.

When you have a domain you can create any mailbox(s) you want (the part before the @). When you create the mailbox John's system creates the account to access the mailbox (and suggests a password).

I have a domain which is So my mailbox is my wife's is and I have several others.

Well I now have my domain!
But not seeing any link to setup email. :no:
Is a Nameserver the same as email?
If some could send me a screen grab, that would be great.


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