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Author Topic: Tiscali DNS Issues?  (Read 1549 times)


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Tiscali DNS Issues?
« on: September 09, 2008, 04:53:42 PM »

Hi All,

It seems that Tiscali are having DNS issues,  I have recently been using OpenDNS, and recommend it highly.

I noticed it when I was reading their Forums, and that after say 10pm, users can only ping IP Addresses and not Domains?

I also noticed that in the evenings their DNS requests were becoming sluggish.

I have since switched to OpenDNS and find it a lot Quicker, and it works 24/7 (I was blaming my connection and resyncing, causing speeds to drop etc)


Kind Regards

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Re: Tiscali DNS Issues?
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2008, 12:31:49 PM »

>> I was blaming my connection and resyncing, causing speeds to drop etc

DNS cant make you loose sync or cause speed and error problems, or latency.

Its DNS that looks up webpages and if that fails then the webpage doesnt display.  In your case slow loading is more likely to be the huge amount of errors your experiencing....  the re-transmission of data is what causes the slowness for pages to load.

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