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Author Topic: BT Digital Voice pause  (Read 1809 times)


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Re: BT Digital Voice pause
« Reply #30 on: April 29, 2022, 09:16:40 PM »

I've been reading recently that this pause is only for people currently on FTTP that hadn't taken the DV product that they were being pushed on to it, and this pause is because of that i.e. new customers will have DV automatically. So I'm not sure what to believe?

I think I've been identified as vulnerable because BT moved me to a better phone calling tariff that as ended up saving me about 50 per month on the phone part of the bill.

I got on there because I happened to get a good person on the phone to speak to who could understand my situation. I'm not sure if the documents required to prove disability have changed. But last time I looked BT were asking for documents that have ceased to exist since the 1970's (in my life time I've never had the document they ask for). It would be better for BT to ask for the disability receipt letter and operate similarly to how Motability operates when the disabled person as to prove they qualify for a vehicle.
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Re: BT Digital Voice pause
« Reply #31 on: April 30, 2022, 12:01:05 AM »

Its a tricky one as my mum was registered disabled for years before she received any sort of benefit from it, beyond a bus pass.  I'm not sure what "evidence" she had.  As we saw from Voxi though, if you are on a low-income benefit, there is a mechanism now to allow a third party 24 hour access to your bank statement electronically to verify that.  I went through that to get Voxi for 10/month for six months and it literally took a few minutes.  But to verify being vulnerable but not eligible for a benefit for it, no idea.

On the flip side, the council do not seem to take our disabilities or health issues in general seriously at all.

Mum asked for the gas inspector to wear clean overalls (never been in anyone elses house except the wearer as she has allergic reactions to other peoples skin) and face mask during the inspection (were vulnerable).  The contractor put this on their notes but the guy who turned up refused to honour them and the company claim they can't enforce it due to it not being legally required.
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