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We have to move data hall as notified by Pulsant (see below) and we have scheduled the move to take place over the weekend of Sat 2 April and Sun 3 April.  We have also allocated Sat 9 April and Sun 10 April as a fall back move date should there be any issues/delays.

It is envisaged that the move will start on Saturday 2 April between approx 4PM to 8PM and last for around 2 Hours approx.

This means that all services on all platforms will be down during the move and we are moving from P1 to P3 data hall

If you have any questions or need further details, please let me know

Many thanks


--- Quote from: Pulsant ---Currently we are in the process of starting a project whereby all our clients in Pulsant 1 Maidenhead will need to move their equipment out of that data hall in the coming months.

Pulsant have identified this data hall as an area that really needs investment. It has fallen behind in the way of improvements and frankly is not to the standard of some of our other data halls. Now is the time for Pulsant to invest and update that site.

What this means is that we are not renewing or putting any new clients into MDH Pulsant 1. Existing clients will need to relocate. It will need to be a different data hall at Maidenhead or perhaps a more convenient datacentre for some clients.

Pulsant appreciate this is a big ask for many clients so we want to assist in any way we can.

--- End quote ---

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Hopefully all will go well, without any mishaps.  :)  :fingers:

@d2d4j thanks for the heads up and your email. Hope it doesn’t give you any hassle  :no:

I can only echo the above comments @d2d4j.


Many thanks for your kind words.

We have undertaken moves before around 10 years ago and it is not a quick process.

Hopefully should be fairly straight forward as long as the new racks are ready (which pulsant state they are) and the CIDR will be rerouted to new data hall, and ofcourse all hardware power on without issues/failures.

Once the move has taken place, and all platforms checked, we will schedule for client migration to 7hi but will give plenty of notice and detail in advance.

burakkucat - sorry, I should have put pulsant in quotes, but I do not type direct into a reply and time is usually against me sorry.  Thank you for putting in quotes

Many thanks



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