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Getting A Webcam To Display On A TV ?.

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Getting A Webcam To Display On A TV ?.

My daughters moving into a Hay Loft Barn in a small holding in a Essex, all to herself   :)   She is fed up living like a student in the flat she is in now as the building is very nice and well looked after and a great landlord and team that run it, but there are another 5 flats in it.  :(

The only problem with this hay loft is it has roof windows but no normal windows you can Look out of  :hmm:
The roof windows are too high up to see out of. :o

I was talking to her about this on a 'Face-time' video call last night and I said I wondered if it was possible to use a webcam in the USB port on a TV.

Well I tried plugging a 'OmniVision Technologies, Inc. OV511' Webcam (tested on my laptop = ok ) into the USB port on two TV's and did not work  :(
I notice the red 'on' led on the cam does not light up when plugged into the TV's but does on my laptop, I did change the TV's input to USB !.

If I could get it working I was thinking the webcam could be 'Suction cups' onto the roof window and pointed down the horse's field and she could have one of our old 42" TV's and have it in her lounge to look
like a window.

Any idea's please to get it working ?.

From what I've seen the TV has to be a 'smart' TV for this to work.


Alex Atkin UK:
Plus I believe they only work with the specific branded webcam for that TV.

Could it work using a smart phone camera and a chrome cast dongle of the television has an HDMI port? The phone wouldn't need to have a SIM in it or be connected to WiFi.


--- Quote from: Alex Atkin UK on November 23, 2021, 03:45:09 AM ---Plus I believe they only work with the specific branded webcam for that TV.

--- End quote ---

Indeed, a TV can't just download a driver like a PC can so their USB ports will only work with very specific devices.
You'd be better off finding an analogue camera that can connect to a composite connection if  you want an easy TV display. What I'm not sure about with those is how long a cable you can get away with before the signal degrades too much.


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