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Bug in Windows 11 installation

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--- Quote from: parkdale on October 06, 2021, 07:02:34 PM ---So...... I was taking my mate though the quick install process  :lol: when we were confronted by 0x8007007f @ 72% complete!
Doing this by remote desktop a bit fiddly, any how after a few more attempts I ran the install routine as admin.

I wonder how many people will figure that one out  :-X

This was from Microsoft's Windows 11 upgrade site, quick install routine. I nearly went for the ISO..

I just need to buy a new Processor/Motherboard/Memory/Graphics card/Power supply to get it  >:D

--- End quote ---

I upgraded my personal PC and Laptop and had no problems.

I then upgraded my work laptop (Yes someone allowed me to do this) ran into the same error. I did the same as you, rebooted, logged in as an admin account not my usual domain account and upgraded from there, worked great.


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