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Windows 11 - anyone getting it?

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I think Windows 11 comes out soon. I'm wondering if anyone on the forum will be getting it?

I did the upgrade check on my computer and so far both the motherboard and cpu have no TPM 2.0 facility. The CPU isn't on the list.

The people who can upgrade I think will get Windows 11 offered to them as an update.

For those who can't upgrade we have until 2025 Windows 10 support.

Just out of interest I tried the checker to see if my hardware was compatible but it says I need Windows 10 before I can even try this. Not that I intend to get it anyway, I was just interested as my hardware is quite new. I cannot see why they would restrict this, surely if they want to try to get people back to Microsoft they need to try harder.

I think I'll stick to Linux anyway  ;)  :blush:  :-X  :no:


Windows 8.1 runs fine, may look in 2023.

I have a Intel Kabylake i5 (7th Gen Processor) so no upgrade for me  :( TPM 2.0 is enabled on the M/B (Intel PTT). I did notice that Asus have issued a new Beta Bios for my M/B for Windows 11.... haven't tried it yet as it's not final release.
Still we've got until 2025 to move to a new platform, although the new Intel Alderlake (12th Gen Processor) looks interesting  :)


--- Quote from: parkdale on September 29, 2021, 12:25:23 PM ---I have a Intel Kabylake i5 (7th Gen Processor)...

--- End quote ---

I suspect that one will be easy to get around.
Of my three devices running Win10 only one has a TPM, but that also has a 7th Gen i5 like you.
The other two are running a 3rd gen i3 and an AMD A10-5700K - both getting on a bit now but still more than happy running Win10 for everyday tasks. The AMD PC still has a spinning HD too!


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