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FREE INTERNET for 6 months 1 Gigabit per second



--- Quote ---FREE INTERNET
for 6 months
1 Gigabit per second
No contract
Cancel anytime
Limited offer
--- End quote ---

--- Code: ---Brsk Promotions Terms & Conditions
Free Trial Promotion - 6 Months Free Terms & Conditions
1. To qualify for the “Free Trial Promotion, 6 months free”, you must place a valid order for
an in-home installation during the promotion period at
2. The promotion period starts when your area opens for pre-orders (usually aligned with
when we start the build phase in your area) and ends when we announce pre-orders are
closed. We will give at least 7 days before the end of the promotional period.
3. You must have received an email acknowledging receipt that we have your order, stating
that you have qualified for the Free Trial Promotion, 6 months free.
4. Your 6 month free trial period starts on the day that The Service is activated – usually the
same day that your in-home installation is complete and The Service is live (you can
connect to the internet).
5. Your free period runs for 6 billing cycles. A confirmation email will be sent to you when
The Service is activated.
6. Your first payment off you card will be due at the beginning of your 7th billing cycle.
7. You can cancel at any time by giving a minimum of 30 days’ notice before your free trial
period ends, by going to your Brsk account portal and terminating The Service. For clarity,
you must cancel The Service before the end of the 5th month in order not to get charged
in advance of month 7.
8. You will receive the BetterNet1000 Broadband Service which has an average upload and
download speed of 900mbps, for the duration of the free trial period.
9. After the trial period, The Service will change to the broadband service you chose when
you placed your initial order.
10. This promotion should be read in conjunction with our Home Broadband Terms and
11. These terms were last updated on 30th April 2021.
--- End code ---

Almost a reason to move to Bradford.


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