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Openreach Unveil Major FTTP Pricing Offer for UK Broadband ISPs

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Alex Atkin UK:

--- Quote ---Openreach (BT) has today unveiled a “major” change to the pricing of their gigabit-capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband products, which aims to give UK ISPs not only cheaper services but also “long-term price certainty” through a series of new commitments. But in return, providers must push FTTP wherever they can.
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This sounds like very good news and necessary to transition away from the copper network.

UPDATE 2nd July 2021

--- Quote ---As expected, Ofcom has begun a new consultation (Call for Inputs) on Openreach’s new long-term pricing offer to ISPs, which will be open to responses until 5pm on 16th July 2021. A provisional decision is then expected before the new offer is introduced. The biggest interest will no doubt stem from how Openreach’s rivals in the altnet space respond to this.
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That's good news, let's hope it leads to some competitively priced offers for higher speed tiers, alas as I can't order FTTP yet or in the near future it won't make any difference to me.

Alex Atkin UK:
Still time for Ofcom to scupper it too due to potentially undercutting other networks.

The ISP's need to accept that their copper products are going to end up becoming gradually more expensive to maintain compared to FTTP.

FTTP is faster, is better quality, less expensive, and with lower maintenance costs.

Good news for those in openreach FTTP areas and providing ISPs pass it on.

What was the old pricing?


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