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LIVE at 4pm (UK time)

Are they replacing the BSOD?

MS stream kept dropping for me so switch to Engadget YouTube stream ironically.

Windows 11 create more bloatwares than ever! BAD MOVE by Microsoft! FREE upgraded but more adverts in the background and collect data to Microsoft. Windows 7 are probably the best Operating System ever! Unless u try Linux Mint that look similiar to XP and Windows 7 but no bloatwares, no adverts, no data collection!

Alex Atkin UK:
Well its looking like I will only be using Windows for gaming anyway thanks to Apple Silicon.  I'm running into not enough memory issues on the Mac Mini for some workloads, kinda expected for 8GB RAM and an application not optimised for the M1, but its proven its viable for what I need and I can always use it as a Linux server if I replace it with a more powerful model.

I never thought I would defect to Apple as they're a pretty scummy company too, but at least their UI is consistent.  Absolutely sick of Microsoft constantly changing things so its harder to use.

I just don't know what Microsoft think they are achieving with all these anti-consumer changes they keep making.


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