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Author Topic: O.R copper wires to back of main socket  (Read 651 times)

Alex Atkin UK

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Re: O.R copper wires to back of main socket
« Reply #15 on: June 07, 2021, 01:18:09 AM »

Yes that would work as the plug in filters have there own bell capacitor. However if you have a central filter (SSFP) there is no need to disconnect the bell wire in the first place as the SSFP effectively isolates all of the extension wiring, including the bell wire, from the VDSL side. It actually works both ways, so none of the VDSL frequencies end up on the extension wiring and no frequencies that VDSL uses, eg those possibly picked up by the bell wire etc, can break back through to the VDSL connection at the master socket.

Right, so used to having filtered sockets now I had completely forgotten the issue only happens with self-install where you DON'T have a main filter where the only interference that can go the other direction is from voice tones so wouldn't impact DSL.
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