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Very bad outage today affecting one of my DSL lines #1 to a certain extent and all my 4G data SIMs and 3G failover on my FB2900 router.


So you only was affected on a specific line? thats odd.

It was some kind of transit/peering problem I think so shouldnt be line dependent.

But yeah it was a horrible outage.  I hope they post more details later.

Might be another issue, I seen people reporting more loss, then 10 mins later I got d/c from the aaisp server, although connection isnt almost all dead like earlier.

It was just my line 1 and all 4G data SIMs, so several Ďlinesí, ie internet access links. Yes very weird. Iím hoping for an explanation and have emailed AA pushing them for further feedback.

The irc issue was the wifi on my laptop freaking out, it seemed to lost access to a lot of the internet (not everything though), cycled the wifi and its back again.


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