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Massive outage today -

Were you affected?  :-\

According to the notes, it was A&A self-induced!  ::)  :-X

Excellent that they are so candid about this. A lot of companies would have been somewhat more vague with their description.

We were in a horrible state for about an hour yesterday at around 1300 hours, but slept though the outage and my wife didnít want to wake me up, which was very unfortunate. I received 38 line down-line-up emails, and my wife got the same number of SMS messages. In the end the Firebrick kicked into 3G because its own PPP LCP ping testing detected the outage. The KCI servers must have been running flat-out generating all the messages and then the poor support people would have got a tidal wave of emails from the likes of me asking whatís up.

Mistakes happen. They should throttle those line down messages to avoid such spam.


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