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Author Topic: Modem speed optimisation on different lines/property results  (Read 296 times)


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Modem speed optimisation on different lines/property results
« on: January 23, 2021, 04:15:41 PM »

Update on,25008.msg420264.html#msg420264

to note I also installed these noise filters on both lines, which I'm not sure are having any benefit (certainly not doing any harm:

My Line
Summary:  ECI Cab few hundred metres away.
Started with: EE hub (HH5) would sync at 64mbs fast path, or roughly 56-62 if interleved. 6db
2nd Tried: Zyxel vmg1312-b10a with latest johnson firmware for 2 months. 62mb fast path 6db. Odd issue where SNR would slowly drop to 1.9 and cause constant resyncs (69mb downstream)
3rd tried: Zyxel vmg8324-b10a with latest johnson firmware. Same as vmg1312 but the SNR didn't drop and it was a constant 6db 62mb.
4th: generic ECI openreach box. Pretty much identical same as EE hub.
5th: Vigor 2760: Similar to EE Hub, with 3db snr got to 70mb but so many CRCs it went from fast to heavily interleaved within a day. Not an FPS gamer anymore so didn't bother me overmuch.
6th: Fritzbox 7530 - the one I've settled on. Oddly, I got a great deal on one of these on ebay (approx. 45 pounds) and thought I would try the new VRX chipset and if its not great, just add it to my existing mesh network as I needed another node anyway.  Before firmware 7.2 (approx. Oct/Nov 2020), it was garbage. It synced at 56 meg (2mb lower than the slowest I've tried so far) and was extremely temperamental in bridge mode. In fact it wanted 2x PPOE sessions (one router, one fritzbox) and EE doesn't allow that by default. I gave up and went back to the 2760. It sat in a cupboard for 3 months or so.
I finally get round to trying to add it to my mesh network as bored during lockdown, see there's a big update, under notes for the update indicate dsl speed issues have been resolved. I think it can't hurt to try it again? ppoe issue/bridge mode sorted. Connects at 62mbs straight away, line still interleaved from vigor 2760. Leave it overnight. Check again the next day - 64mb fast path. I then go to lower the SNR as I'm not a latency dependent gamer and more bandwidth constrained, set to 3db, 73.99 mb. I think this is great. I wait for approx a week. It's still on fastpath. It's running 73.99 on fastpath and I've had no stability issues. See attached pic from yesterday morning. (it's been running like this for 2 weeks, uptime  only 5 days on pic as I needed to install a new power extension brick as new tv/soundbar needed more sockets, hence had to unplug it).

Has anyone else tried this new godly firmware update and got similar results?

Parents Line:
Summary:  Huawei Cab approx. 1km away.
Originally using plusnet homehub (hh5). Got about 11-12mb ds sync. Sorted all sorts of home wiring (disconnected all extension sockets, new MK4 filtered faceplate, removed bell wire, got rid of star wiring) and replaced the plusnet hh5 with a zyxel 8924-b10a. They now sit between 36-39mb on 6.xdb (seems to fluctuate, I only check when I visit). Their package is 40/10 and given how old the house is I wouldn't be surprised if the line is 40+ years old Either way, it allows them to watch amazon prime and Netflix without issues (loads of old routers connected via powerline acting as access points too).

I think I've pretty much done all I can and I think both lines got really good results. Just sharing incase anyone else is going through similar scenarios and of course if anyone can think of anything else I can do to improve things I'd be grateful to hear!



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Re: Modem speed optimisation on different lines/property results
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2021, 04:38:34 PM »

Forgot to add second Image: Attached


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Re: Modem speed optimisation on different lines/property results
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2021, 04:52:49 PM »

Welcome to the forum!

Very interesting read and a useful post.

I use four ZyXEL VMG 1312-B10As but that is on four ultra-long ADSL2 lines (no FTTC here) - 4.55 miles line length is my best guess, sync at around 3 Mbps downstream / 0.5 Mbps up. The ZyXEL VMG 1312-B10As have johnson firmware in them and are in straight modem-only mode, router and wireless functions disabled.


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Re: Modem speed optimisation on different lines/property results
« Reply #3 on: January 24, 2021, 12:14:12 PM »

Have a look for how long you will go with 3db. I managed just over 2 months on eci cabinet with vigor 2760, low errors nothing to worry about and then one day interleaved for no reason. One thing when you use vigor, I suggest to turn of SRA (with telned command) , it will became stable like nothing you tried before.

Alex Atkin UK

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Re: Modem speed optimisation on different lines/property results
« Reply #4 on: January 24, 2021, 06:40:35 PM »

I also had 3dB on ECI for months, perfectly stable.  I didn't get interleaved though, I got immediately banded.
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