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Author Topic: Daily noise burst  (Read 432 times)


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Daily noise burst
« on: December 13, 2020, 09:01:29 AM »

I have posted about this before but,I ask as perhaps OR have enhanced equipment to trace Shine

My case is a high burst of CRC with a fall of SMRM to zero or below. On most days this results in a resync. This happens daily at 0921 or as near as DSL stats will report.

Iím aware that @blacksheep often talks about the cone of acceptance. I fully appreciate this approach, especially considering the vast vagaries of DSL.

I suppose the question actual boils down to, is a daily resync within that cone of acceptance, and if not, is technology able to find the source. Itís certainly not on my premise.

All that said if I didnít have line monitoring I likely wouldnít know, and my neighbours, who likely suffer the same donít either ! Only occasionally the line resyncs while noise present with a bad connection, requiring a manual resync.

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