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Author Topic: Switching from TalkTalk to Plusnet questions  (Read 519 times)


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Switching from TalkTalk to Plusnet questions
« on: November 12, 2020, 08:19:12 PM »


Hope your all well.

My contract with TalkTalk is due to expire on 7th Jan 2021, and to be honest its time to move, mainly bad customer service, standard FTTC NGA profile which might be pinching a bit of speed on the count of errored seconds etc, price rises, not being able to speak to anyone about it to get it reduced, poor retention offers for being a loyal 10 year + customer, lack of quiet line test, and Plusnet referral offer which would help considering some of the family is on Plusnet so can get them a discount and us for any future referrals. Seen a deal Plusnet is offering for 21.99 for fibre 36mbps and I am thinking of moving, however have the following questions that I am not sure on and wondered if anyone could help.

1. If I was speak say in early December (before the deal expires) to Plusnet and ask to move and set the activation date to 7th Jan. Would Talktalk charge me a early termination fee, as I had spoke to Plusnet in December hence still in contract with TalkTalk at that time, or would they consider that the contract would end on that date that the service would end on, so therefore not charge an early termination fee? Also If I didn't speak to TalkTalk and the activation was set for the 7th, would I then get slapped with out of contract normal price for a month as the switchover was set on the day that "fixed price" contract had ended?

2. In regards to the Standard FTTC NGA profile, I believe Plusnet use the Speed FTTC NGA profile, is this still the case, and does anyone know roughly what the ES daily value thresholds are for an ECI DLM? Hoping it would improve the speed a little bit but not sure what ES thresholds are set at.

3. I assume I would get a DLM reset on the day of switchover and remove the pointless continual banding I've got? If so this would be great.

4. What is the day of switchover like, is there a specific set time on the day of the switchover, if so do Plusnet tell you this, or contact you just before the switchover to let you know? The reason is I work from home for the foreseeable probably like most other people, so don't want a long period of downtime etc.

5. What is the congestion like on Plusnet? I have never had any with Talktalk and speeds have been rock solid in the evenings etc at peak times.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks


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Re: Switching from TalkTalk to Plusnet questions
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2020, 09:01:10 AM »

I have never had any with Talktalk and speeds have been rock solid in the evenings etc at peak times.

That alone might be a very good reason to stick with TalkTalk. The grass isn't always greener elsewhere and in your quest to save a few pennies each month, you may well end up with a worse (eg slow peak time speeds) connection elsewhere. Of course you might also get a rock solid connection with Plusnet but it will be a bit of a lottery, ie you won't know until you're connected as ISP congestion is often at the exchange level (localised).

Wrt TT support, use their support forums. I've always found the online TT OCEs (UK based) to be very helpful and knowledgeable and they can usually sort out most, if not all, of issues online.

Wrt TT pricing, if they're not giving you any good retention deals over the phone then call their bluff and sign up to Plusnet or elsewhere. However you have a 2 week cooling off window and once TalkTalk send you their obligatory "sorry to hear you're leaving us..." letter that's when you're in a good position to negotiate. Call their retentions team and tell them you'll be going ahead with the migration unless they offer you a better deal - I'm almost certain they will at that stage, but be realistic and don't expect them to massively undercut other budget providers. If you do end up staying with them then don't forget to cancel the migration with the gaining ISP!

In your shoes, I would stick with TalkTalk...better the devil you know and all that  :)


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Re: Switching from TalkTalk to Plusnet questions
« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2020, 09:35:08 PM »

Nothing wrong with PlusNet connection in my experience, but if its customer service you want then I would look elsewhere. Poor customer support is one of the reasons I left PlusNet ...